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President of bankrupt developer Martinsa-Fadesa paid 3.5 million Euros in 2008

Fernando Martín, president of the Spanish developer Martinsa-Fadesa, was paid 3.5 million Euros last year by the company he lead into Spain’s biggest ever corporate._.

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Mark Stücklin

Fadesa forced to seek protection from its creditors

Fadesa, Spain’s biggest house builder by assets, is the latest casualty of the Spanish property market crash. The company was forced yesterday to seek protection._.

Fadesa teeters on brink as shares are suspended

Trading in Fadesa’s shares have been suspended this morning after falling 27% in the first hour of trading on the Madrid stock exchange. Martinsa-Fadesa’s shares._.

Leading Spanish developer Martinsa-Fadesa against the ropes

Martinsa-Fadesa, the biggest developer of private housing in Spain, and one of the biggest players in the holiday home sector, is today struggling to avoid._.

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Further evidence of Spain’s property downturn

Further evidence of Spain’s property downturn can be found in the first quarter results of Spain’s largest developers and constructors, not to mention the downsizing._.

Property crisis leads to social housing in luxury new developments

The downturn in the Spanish property market is forcing developers to adopt creative solutions to off load their stock of unsold properties. In some cases._.