Lanzarote Property Guide (Canary Islands)

This section is for buyers, owners, and vendors of Lanzarote property. It is designed to give you information and resources to help you to take informed decisions related to buying, owning or selling properties in Lanzarote.

This page serves as an index for all the content at this website related to Lanzarote property. Here you will find reports in Lanzarote property market written by local property professionals, and also my own articles and reports on property in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote property for sale

This is a property information site, not a property sales site, so I cannot offer you any property for sale in Lanzarote.

But what I can offer you is useful information to help you understand the property market. To benefit from this make sure you sign up for my news bulletin.

Lanzarote property is not without risk

Given the sums of money involved in property transactions, mistakes and bad decisions based on false or unreliable information can be prove very expensive. So do your home work, bone up on the issues, and be careful whom you deal with when buying or selling property in Lanzarote.

More than anything else, the people you deal with when buying or selling property in Lanzarote will determine whether you have a good or bad experience. So make a big effort to identify good property professionals and only deal with them. Be aware that size means nothing in this business; some of the biggest companies, with the largest marketing budgets are the worst offenders when it comes to shafting their clients.

Lanzarote Property Forum

For all other questions on Lanzarote property try the forum, where most questions do get answered. The forum allows you to learn from others, and share you knowledge. + Lanzarote property forum

Everything you need to know about Lanzarote property.