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This section is for buyers, owners, and vendors of property in Asturias, in the North of Spain. Here you will find information and resources to help you to take informed decisions related to buying, owning or selling properties in Asturias. This section is also for investors looking for information and analysis of the property market in Asturias.

This page serves as an index for all the content at this website related to Asturias property. Here you will find reports on the Asturias property market written by our own team, or by local property professionals, and guides to buying and selling property in Asturias. We also aim to publish reports on the real estate market in Asturias.

Asturias Property For Sale

A a property information resource, not a property portal, estate agency or developer, we cannot offer you property for sale in Asturias.

However, we sometimes feature in the Spanish property market news and analysis section exceptional homes for sale in Asturias, offered either by estate agents in Asturias, developers in Asturias, or private vendors in Asturias. So be sure to sign up for our Spanish Property Insight News Bulletin to be kept informed of the market and be the first to know when we spot an exceptional property for sale in Asturias.

Asturias property not for sale!

Exceptional Asturias property (but not actually for sale!) “Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco” by José Antonio Gil Martínez from Vigo, Spain – Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco by pauk. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Asturias Property: Do Your Homework

Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest investment decisions most people will make in their lives. Bad decisions based on incomplete or misleading information can be expensive, so be sure to do enough homework to allow you to take an informed decision. Try to get information from as many sources as possible, especially sources that do not have a direct interest or involvement in the transaction. And always be careful who you deal with when buying and selling property in Spain, doing your best to identify the most reliable local property professionals.

Asturias Real Estate Agents

Based on a system of feedback we publish a directory of estate agents in Spain. We only include those agents we haven’t heard any valid complaints about. We don’t charge the agents, and we don’t control them, so we can’t be held responsible for their conduct in any way. However, given that we haven’t heard any negative feedback about them, you might be better off using an estate agent in our directory than any old agent found through the internet or a property portal, where there is no screening based on feedback, and cowboys abound. At the end of the day most estate agents in Spain have access to the same properties, so it all boils down to who you deal with. Check if there are any real estate agents in Asturias in our directory of agents with no negative feedback.

Asturias Real Estate Forum

Do you have a question about buying, selling or owning real estate in Asturias? If so head over to the Spanish property Q&A forum and post your question there. Thanks to the forum’s collective intelligence most questions get answered, and everyone benefits from the information.

Everything you need to know about property in Asturias

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