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Alpujarras property

A typical scene in the Alpujarras region

This section is for buyers, owners, and vendors of property in the Alpujarras mountains of Andalusia. It is designed to give you information and resources to help you to take informed decisions related to buying, owning or selling properties in the Alpujarras, in the Granada province of Southern Spain.

This page serves as an index for all the content at this website related to Alpujarras property. Here you will find reports on the Alpujarras property market written by local property professionals, and also my own articles and reports on property in the Alpujarras.

Alpujarras property for sale

I am not a real estate agent so I do not have any property for sale in the Alpujarras. However, I do allow the leading real estate agents and property developers to showcase a selection of their best homes for sale in the Alpujarras. Head over the the Best Homes for Sale in Spain showcase for more information.

By virtue of its focus on the best and most attractive homes for sale in the region, there may be times where there are no properties on offer, or perhaps just a very limited choice of properties for sale. The best, most attractive and sought-after homes are always in short supply, so there is no getting around this problem.

But if what you really want is a prize property with unbeatable selling points at a good price, then this is the way you are going to find it, not trawling through endless websites and adverts stuffed with the same old rubbish.

Get information on the Alpujarras property market and homes for sale

If you are interested in buying, owning or selling property in the Alpujarras, then you need good information on the local property market and all the issues that affect you as a home owner in the Alpujarras, to help you take informed decisions with a big impact on your health, wealth, and happiness.

The best way to keep yourself informed is to sign up for my free Spanish property news bulletin, packed with property news, alerts, analysis and a heads-up on the best homes for sale from a selection of leading real estate agents when they come onto the market. Sign up in the “Information is Power” form in the column to the right, or head over to the Spanish property Insight newsletter page for more information.

Buying a home in the Alpujarras has to be approached carefully

Given the sums of money involved in property transactions, mistakes and bad decisions based on false or unreliable information can be prove very expensive. So do your home work, bone up on the issues, and be careful whom you deal with when buying or selling property in the Alpujarras.

More than anything else, the people you deal with when buying or selling property in Spain will determine whether you have a good or bad experience. So make a big effort to identify good property professionals and only deal with them.

Everything you need to know about Alpujarras property