Spanish property solutions

palma de mallorca property for sale

Whether you are a buyer, owner, investor, or vendor of a property in Spain, you will inevitably need to find service providers to take care of your needs. Here are some providers to consider, along with some links to administrative solutions like the Cadastre.

Foreign currency exchange (FOREX)

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Independent English-speaking lawyers in Spain

A directory of English-speaking lawyers who can help you with all your legal issues in Spain. They work just for you and are independent of estate agents and developers. See the list of English-speaking lawyers in Spain page.

Buying agents

Buying agents work exclusively for buyers and can save you money and problems when buying a home in Spain. See the Spanish property buying agents page.

English-speaking surveyors in Spain

Chartered surveyors can help you with a building survey and many other services to help you make an informed decision when buying or selling property in Spain. Visit the Chartered surveyors (RICS) in Spain website.

Home insurance in Spain

There are many English-speaking insurance brokers in Spain, but our British readers might be most comfortable with a UK-based insurance broker like Intasure, with whom we affiliate. Visit the Intasure website for more information.

Architects in Spain

Find an English-speaking architect in Spain. Visit the architects in Spain page.

Spanish Property Register

The Property Registrars of Spain (Registradores de EspaƱa) website offers various services, including the ability to download simple land registry filings (nota simple). Visit the Registradores website (in English).

The Spanish Cadastre online

The official Spanish Cadastre (Catastro) website, where you can search the database for information on specific properties (you have to register and pay for many of the services offered). Visit the Cadastre online (in some browsers you may see a warning page advising you the site might not be safe to visit, but you can ignore that as the site is safe).

Ley de Costas – Coastal law boundary check

The Spanish Ley de Costas / Coastal Law means that the coastline is public land, and many waterfront properties are affected by this. To consult the exact boundary between public and private land on the coast, visit the official DPMT (boundary) website.