“Excellence Underground” Francesc Macià 10

Francesc Macià 10, Barcelona, parking
Parking in Francesc Macià 10, “Underground Excellence”

It may not be the first thing people associate with luxury, but exceptional parking facilities can be a huge source of convenience, satisfaction and value for owners in high-end residential buildings. So why are they so rare, even in super-prime developments? Francesc Macià 10 in Barcelona shows it can be done, and also illustrates why superior parking facilities are the exception not the rule even at the super-prime end of residential developments in city centres like Barcelona.

Nobody wants to think much about parking but most people recognise that it can have a big impact on day-to-day life depending on how easy it is. How many hours of our life do we spend in the parking department? Probably more than you think. A survey by the British Parking Association found that the average person spends 248 days of their life searching for parking.

Parking is even more important if you love cars and collect them, which is one of the privileges of wealth. If you can afford the home of your dreams, then dream-grade parking should be part of it, even if it’s not top of the list for most people.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, few planners of super-prime residential buildings spend much time thinking about the parking facilities. It’s not the glamorous part of the building, and everyone has a tendency to focus on the more eye-catching features, planners and clients alike. But parking facilities have a significant impact on quality of life, so this is an important oversight.

Fortunately for owners in Francesc Macià 10, the residential developer was well aware of the importance of parking facilities to a super-prime building, and aimed to give Francesc Macià 10 the best parking facilities in Barcelona, where parking is a chronic problem. As a result the parking facilities of Francesc Macià 10 are a hidden asset that only the owners really know the true value of.

Propitious circumstances

Exceptional parking facilities were only possible because the building was built with a deep enough basement as an office-block in the 1960s with parking in mind for all the office workers. But like most underground parking back then it was designed for small cars, with low ceilings, and manoeuvring was tricky with  lots of neck-straining, so when Francesc Macià 10 was redeveloped in 2016, a critical decision was made to gut the entire basement at huge expense, and lay the foundations for ideal parking facilities with plenty of space. The existing building had 5 floors for parking below ground level. At great expense, two entire floors were demolished and replaced with just one, thereby raising the ceiling heights on all the floors, whilst other structural changes were made to improve layout and manoeuvrability.  Though the work was expensive, extraordinary value was added to the building in the process.

It might not be possible to do this again in Barcelona. Many buildings don’t come with a deep enough basement, developers might baulk at the cost, not to mention the daunting construction challenge, and the political current against private transport does not bode well for building private parking. The circumstances that led to Francesc Macià 10s exceptional parking facilities – the right building, the developer’s vision, and the permits – might never be repeated.

The exceptional parking facilities of Francesc Macià 10

The goal of the designers was to create the best private parking facilities in Barcelona, and provide a source of convenience and satisfaction for owners. There had to be enough space for people who love cars, and can afford to collect luxury and classic cars, with all the facilities and services on hand to look after them and load / unload easily. They also had discretion and security in mind, plus parking for guests. The aesthetics were also important, in keeping with the rest of the building.

What was the end result? What do owners get in their private parking facilities in Francesc Macià 10?

  • Six big (4.5m x 2.5m) parking spaces, and one space for a motorbike.
  • Pre-installation for an EV charger.
  • A highly-secure storage room of 25m2 with water, electricity and wifi where you can keep objects of value, sports equipment like bikes and skiing gear, and other possessions that it is more convenient to keep by your parking than have to take up and down from your apartment.
  • Car wash facilities on the second level where there is also parking for visitors and the parking lobby reception area for greeting guests. Here staff attend to all parking-related needs.
  • Parking access is controlled by cameras that recognise owner number plates making it effortless for owners to come and go with all their cars, though there is also a remote control key fob to use as a backup. Guests and visitors can be checked in by staff. 
  • The parking ramp has a discrete entrance on C/ Compte d’Urgell that does not draw attention to the cars coming and going from the building.
  • Like the communal areas of the rest of the building, where attention was given to detail at every level, the parking has combined functionality with aesthetics. The layout is spacious and user-friendly, the lighting is excellent and agreeable with generous use of LEDs and smart lighting controlled by Lutron sensors that are the industry gold-standard; there is good signage, smoke alarms, and water sprinklers in case of fire, security cameras, handsome stonework and lighting up the ramp, and, of course, everything is immaculately maintained.

Community relations start in the basement

Parking facilities are sometimes a source of tension between owners, even in high-end communities. But exceptional parking facilities like those found in Francesc Macià 10 make all the owners happy, and give no grounds for friction in the community. So parking facilities can play a surprising role in harmonious community relations. 

No other residential building in Barcelona can boast of the parking facilities on offer at Francesc Macià 10. They represent major day-to-day benefits for owners in terms of security, convenience and satisfaction, whilst also adding deep-rooted asset value in the basement of the building, far below the beautiful apartments above ground, with all their space and light. The value of the parking facilities of Francesc Macià 10 might not be obvious to the eye, but it’s there if you look for it, and the owners know this best. 

If the parking is so good, just imagine what the rest of the building is like. Find out more about Francesc Macià 10, Barcelona.