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Valuable insight for buyers, owners, and vendors of property in Spain

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Investing in Spanish property is a BIG decision with long-term consequences for your wealth and happiness. Get the decision right and everything is hunky-dory. Get it wrong and you might rue the day you ever bought a home in Spain. Whether you plan to buy, already own, or are looking to sell, you need good information to help you make informed decisions with significant financial consequences. So do yourself a favour and spend an insignificant amount of money on a subscription to SPI that gives you access to unbiased information and market intelligence built on 20 years of independent research and expertise.

What you get:

✓ Insightful articles to help you make informed decisions
✓ Independent market analysis without any sales bias
✓ Premium guides to help you save time and money whilst reducing risks

You can choose a monthly subscription (cancel anytime), or annual plan with one month free. Whatever plan suits your needs and budget,  you’ll end up better armed with insight.

NOTE: This subscription does not include access to the Data Hub. Property professionals and anyone interested in a deep dive into market data should check out the Pro Subscription.


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Valuable Spanish property information

Why is information valuable? Property is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make, and ownership costs are high. Owning a home in Spain can be highly rewarding, but it comes at a substantial cost, and can take up a huge amount of your time. So if you buy or own a property in Spain you will have a lot at stake, and any decision you make about buying, selling, renting, and looking after your property will have significant financial consequences. You also need to avoid common pitfalls, reduce risks, control costs, and boost your earnings as far as possible, because you can make good money out of Spanish property if you know what you are doing. Success with property is all about making informed decisions, and decisions are based on information. If you are going to make a success of buying, owning, and selling property in Spain, you need information to base those decisions on. At SPI, you will find lots of useful information all in one place to help you understand the market, and save time and money whilst reducing your risks. It is no exaggeration to say that helpful information is the key to success when it comes to property in Spain. 

Is information more valuable in Spain? Yes, because the Spanish property market is less transparent than markets in other countries, where buyers and sellers have price comparables just a click away. Buyers and sellers in Spain are disorientated by the lack of reliable price information, which makes them easier to take advantage of. Other risks are higher too. Buying property in a foreign country is always more risky than buying at home, not least because of the language barrier, and the different way of doing things. The bureaucracy and planning laws in Spain are a minefield, transactions costs are high, property rights are under threat, squatter gangs threaten second-home owners with extortion, and the Spanish property business has its fair share of sharp operators who will happily say anything to make a sale. Your best defence against these threats is sensible advice and information that helps you make informed decisions in your own interests.  SPI is the only unbiased, independent source of  Spanish property market research and analysis in English, which is why it is so regularly referenced by international media like the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Bloomberg and the New York Times (see all media mentions).

Why pay when other sites offer information for free? Many other sites offer free ‘guides’ and information about the Spanish property market, so why pay? There is no such thing as a free lunch, nor a free guide, for that matter. Free information about property always has a hidden sales-agenda, and the information itself is of secondary importance. But if you pay for information with a subscription at SPI, you get what you pay for, with no hidden agenda. What you pay for and get is highly-researched unbiased information to help you navigate the murky waters of the Spanish property market, identify pitfalls, reduce risks, control costs, and increase earnings from rentals and sales. A lot of time, effort, and expertise goes into the information offered to subscribers at SPI.  If you value information enough to spend your precious time reading it, you must value it enough to pay a fair price for it, right? Don’t waste your time reading what you don’t value enough to pay for, and beware free guides.

Who should subscribe? Anyone with an interest in Spanish property, including buyers, owners, vendors, and property professionals. With a subscription to SPI you get unrestricted access to premium articles packed with insight to help you understand Spain’s opaque property market, and many other topics relating to managing the costs, risks, and opportunities of property in Spain. As a subscriber you also get important alerts, news, guides and tips to help you solve practical problems related to buying, owning, and selling property in Spain. Anyone who wants to increase their market knowledge and income potential whilst reducing costs and risks should subscribe. 

Spanish Property Insight (SPI) is the only independent source of information in English on the Spanish property market, which is why it is so frequently referenced by the international press. With a subscription to SPI you get valuable, in-depth information with an independent viewpoint untainted by any sales-bias. This is crucial because the key to good outcomes when buying, owning or selling property in Spain is the information you base your decisions on. Credible, unbiased information can make all the difference to how well things work out for you.

Take advantage of SPI’s independent viewpoint, and 20 years of research and expertise to arm yourself with insight. Subscribe now.


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