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Publish an article in the SPI blog under your own byline and reach a highly-targeted audience of potential clients, business partners, and journalists whilst adding credibility to your brand. Impress potential clients and business partners with your knowledge and expertise in an article that will be read by hundreds, if not thousands of members of your target audience. Articles are the best way to get the attention of and influence the people you want to reach, unlike adverts that most people ignore.

Articles at SPI are read by an average of 50,000 unique visitors each month, and are included in the SPI newsletter sent to 8,000 subscribers most weeks. SPI readers are all interested in Spanish property, and included potential buyers, owners, property professionals, institutional investors and journalists. SPI readers are your target market if you sell to foreigners interested in Spanish property.

Read the SPI editorial guidelines for writing articles here.

In order to publish articles you must already have an account with SPI and advertise in the business directory. If not first order your listing in the business directory.

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You will be expected to provide your own unique copy, which can include pictures and videos if you wish.

The article will be published in the SPI blog in your own company / individual name, with your contact details and a popup link to your business directory listing so readers can find out more about your business and services.

Articles are the most powerful way of getting the attention of your target audience.

SPI editors will review your article before publication, and edit on a small scale if necessary.