Del Canto Chambers

Mortgage Floor Clauses, Reclaim Money


Suspect you might have been overcharged for your mortgage in Spain? Get the ball rolling here to find out. You might be entitled to a refund worth thousands of Euro.

If you have a mortgage interest rate floor clause in your mortgage contract that was not properly explained to you, you might have grounds to claim back thousands of Euro of interest overpaid.

Del Canto Chambers is a legal firm with offices in both London and Madrid who know how to operate across borders, and deal with you in your language. They specialise in reclaiming money for clients who have been overcharge for mortgages. Del Canto offer a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as no-win-no-fee, so they don’t get paid unless their clients get a refund. Fill in the form below to send your enquiry to Del Canto Chambers, and they will get back to you to get the ball rolling on your fee evaluation. You will also receive a copy of your enquiry, and an explanation of what happens next by email. 

Del Canto Chambers also offer standard legal fees as well as no-win-no-fee, so you can choose what suits you best.