Mallorca Law

Mallorca Law is a full service law firm based in the heart of the capital city of Palma. We serve clients and conduct transactions in Mallorca and the Balearic islands, as well as in mainland Spain, and we are specialists in residential and commercial property law, as well as in the taxation of assets and in tourism law. We offer a unique personalised service of the highest standard, with native English to ensure a transparent transaction and peace of mind. Will Besga, BA, MA, LL.B Founding partner of Mallorca Law Will holds degrees in Law and a postgraduate course … Continue reading Mallorca Law »

Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers

Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers is a law firm specialized in conveyancing, litigation, taxation, and inheritance run by Raymundo Larraín Nesbit. Raymundo has been practicing law since 2003. After completing his dual degree in Madrid (ICADE), he went on to work for prestigious Spanish and English law firms in Spain. He also has international experience, having worked for several years in the United Kingdom for a British multinational. Using the extensive knowledge and experience gained, he set up his own practice in Marbella. He advises mainly UK and non-UK domiciled clients. His main areas of expertise are conveyancing and non-resident taxation. … Continue reading Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers »

Ábaco Advisers

The Ábaco Advisers team belong to a number of different professional organisations and are well-qualified as well as experienced in their respective specialisms. There are over 50 members of staff, many of whom joined the company in 1999. Over the years the number of customers we care for has gradually grown so that now we have a total of over 28,000 clients who continue to place their trust in us. Although Ábaco had distinct departments for specific areas, the company has a strong ethos of customer care and the needs of each individual client are the priority. Members of … Continue reading Ábaco Advisers »

DiG Lawyers

DiG Lawyers (Abogados – Advocats) is a mid-sized law firm with offices in Barcelona and Lleida, and an international network of collaboration agreements with law firms around the world who share DiGs philosophy and high level of professionalism. As a mid-sized firm with a multi-lingual team and cross-border expertise, DiG is perfectly placed to assist foreign clients with all their legal needs in Spain. Foreign clients need a firm big enough to handle cross-border work with multidisciplinary expertise in various languages, but without losing the personal touch. DiG can help you buy or sell a property in Spain with … Continue reading DiG Lawyers »

Del Canto Chambers

Del Canto Chambers are the first Anglo Spanish Tax & Legal firm regulated by the Bar Council of England and Wales and the Colegio de Abogados de Madrid. With offices in London and Madrid, we specialise in representing and acting for foreign clients in Spain. We have successfully represented hundred of foreign clients on matters related to conveyancing, property and bank negotiations, mediation and litigation with Spanish banks, off plan deposit claims, and Spanish tax . Del Canto Chambers are also experts in solving tax problems often associated with company structures used to own expensive properties in Spain. Please … Continue reading Del Canto Chambers »

Spanish Legal Reclaims

Did you buy off-plan in the boom years of 2000 – 2008 only to lose out when your home was never built and the developer disappeared with your stage payments, leaving you with nothing to show for your money? If so, help is finally at hand from Spanish Legal Reclaims. Spanish Legal Reclaims (SLR) has already helped numerous people recover hundreds of thousands of pounds. They are geared up to take on banks defended by some of the most powerful legal teams in Spain. They have spent over a year putting in place a legal operation to claim back lost deposits and stage … Continue reading Spanish Legal Reclaims »