Vendor Due Diligence Reports from Tinsa help you sell your home


Help your property stand out from the crowd and look more attractive to potential buyers with a Certify Legal report from Tinsa – Spain’s leading appraisal company

Certify Legal is a due diligence report on a residential property carried out by Tinsa to make the purchase more secure by providing the buyer with the necessary information to avoid charges or unforeseen problems that might not be obvious to the untrained eye.

The report lays out the circumstances of the property being sold from a planning, building, and energy-efficiency perspective, and makes it easy for your conveyancing lawyer to focus on the legal side of the transaction.

If you put your property on the market with a Certify Legal due diligence report on offer to potential buyers, it will differentiate your home from others on the market, increase your chance of getting attention from serious buyers, and make them feel more confident about buying your home.

Different levels of assessment of Certify Legal are available depending on the client’s specific requirements.

Increase the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers with a Certify Legal report

  • The property is examined from all angles in one document. This information would usually have to be collated from several different experts.
  • It gives the buyer security regarding the planning and tax situation of the property in the transaction.
  • It allows flexibility in the timeframe of the transaction, and can speed things up.
  • It differentiates properties with a Certify Legal report from others on the market that do not provide guarantees regarding their situation.
  • The dossier’s quality presentation under the TINSA brand gives a professional and transparent impression that gives buyers in Spain peace of mind.
  • The dossier contains proposals for amendments to the property that may reduce tax liability on owning and selling the property and which, in any case, anticipate problems that arise from incorrect data in the property description in the land and administrative registries.
  • Certify Legal reports are great value

Increase your chances of selling your home by offering potential buyers a Certify Legal report from Tinsa.

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