Sell Property in Spain

Sell your property in Spain, and wrap up your affairs with guides and resources to help you get the job done with the minimum fuss and expense.

Find Companies & Professionals to Help You Sell Your Home in Spain

Check out the SPI Spanish Property Service Directory for companies and professionals to help you with everything.

Market And Sell Your Home

If you don’t have an effective estate agent in your area, or you want to sell your own home, I recommend you use the services of Creative Property Marketing to help you advertise your property for sale in my For Sale By Owner Direct (FSBO) section, and at all the main portals. They save you a lot of hassle, and make it possible for you to reach a far bigger market.

Foreign currency exchange (FOREX)

TorFXSave a fortune on foreign currency after you sell your property in Spain.

If you live outside the Eurozone and need to repatriate funds in a different currency after selling your home in Spain, for example in British Pounds or Swedish Krona, or Swiss Francs, don’t make the mistake of using your bank in Spain to exchange your Euro proceeds from your property sale into a foreign currency. Get a much better rate and pay lower commissions by using a specialist currency broker. SPI are affiliated with the specialist foreign currency broker TorFX, who can help you save money on foreign currency when selling Spanish property. TorFX is a provider of foreign exchange services, offering competitive currency exchange rates for international money transfers and an unrivalled personal service to private individuals and companies with a foreign currency exchange requirement. Click here or the image right to get a free, no-obligation quote, or talk to an expert about your needs.

Independent English-speaking lawyers in Spain

Wrap up your affairs in Spain and minimise your taxes to pay with the help of a good lawyer. See our service directory for English-speaking lawyers in Spain.