Buying rural property in Spain

The number of foreigners buying rural property in Spain has surged in recent years.

rural property in Spain
The Alpujarras, rural Spain

High prices and over-crowding on the Spanish coasts have driven Spanish property buyers inland, whilst EU-funded improvements in infrastructure have made rural areas more viable as destinations.

Numerous programmes in markets like the UK on TV painting a picture of rural bliss on the cheap have also played their part in stimulating demand for Spanish country property, but at the same time ignoring many of the issues that can so easily sour the experience. Whilst a rural Spanish property is a good option for some, for others it is a misguided fantasy of bucolic happiness that goes badly wrong.

Owning rural Spanish property is very different from owning in a purpose-built urbanisation on one of the Costas. Rural life, even just a few kilometres inland, has a rhythm all of its own, that has not yet caught up with the modern world. If you make the effort to join in and embrace the Spanish rural way of life, you can experience a quality of life that is virtually extinct in Britain and other northern European countries. But if you don’t, you’ll likely be lonely and frustrated.

But foreign buyers need to be especially realistic about their reasons for buying rural Spanish property and decidedly cautious about how they buy.

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