Real estate in Spain

Buying real estate in Spain can be a very enriching affair, both financially and in terms of enhancing your happiness, and quality of life. That is why so many people dream of buying real estate in Spain, either as a holiday home, or as a permanent or semi-permanent home for a new life in the sun.

So the desire to buy real estate in Spain is strong, which might explain why so many people seem to rush into it without taking the necessary precautions. Though the majority of buyers enjoy a trouble-free purchase, a significant minority come to rue the day they ever decided to buy a home in Spain. According to one survey I carried out, 30% of buyers of properties in Spain run into serious problems.

The truth is that purchasing real estate in Spain is riskier than many people realise; the purchase process is often different to the one you are used to at home, and many homes in Spain are blighted by planning problems. And you can’t always trust the people working in the Spanish real estate business – promoters, real estate agents, and lawyers – so you have to be careful who you deal with when parting with a large part of your life’s savings.

But if you do your research, the chances of you running into problems buying Spanish real estate are small. Buying a home in Spain is all about being clued up, and having access to good, reliable information on which to base your decisions. That is why I have created Spanish Property Insight – to give you the information you need to understand the issues, and a resource to help you deal with all the challenges. Information is power, and when it comes to real estate in Spain, where so much of your hard-earned cash is at stake, good information is crucial.

So don’t be put off buying a real estate in Spain, if it is what you really want, and you have the financial resources to do so. Just do your homework, and find reliable professionals with good reputations to help you. They do exist, and many of them post in our Spanish property forum (I block companies with bad reputations that I know of from participating in the forum). And don’t forget to sign up for my free monthly Spanish property news bulletin, which I send out by email. It’s the best way to keep up to date with the Spanish property market.

There is plenty of useful information here for owners and vendors too; after all everyone with an interest in Spanish real estate needs good information to avoid making mistakes and overpaying.

So remember, do your research, don’t rush into anything, use an independent solicitor, be sceptical about the claims people make, and keep your head firmly on your shoulders. If you do this, you are highly unlikely to run into any problems buying real estate in Spain.