Spanish mortgage refund claims

Suspect you might have been overcharged for your mortgage in Spain? You might be entitled to a refund worth thousands of Euro.

Thanks to two legal rulings in December 2016, one by the European Court of Justice, and another by the Spanish Supreme Court, lenders in Spain can now be pursued for refunds for both illegal spanish mortgage interest floor clauses going back as long as they apply to any mortgage, and for some Spanish mortgage setup costs.

If you think you might have been overcharged by a mortgage lender in Spain, either due to interest rate floor clauses you weren’t aware of or didn’t understand, or because you were obliged to pay all the mortgage setup costs (which applies to everyone who has taken out a mortgage in Spain), then fill in this form to get the ball rolling on a free evaluation of your case. You might have grounds to claim back thousands of Euro.

I have teamed up with a legal firm operating in Spain, the UK, and the Middle East called Del Canto Chambers to offer my readers a tailor-made solution to evaluating mortgage claims, and pursue lenders for refunds. With offices in both London and Madrid they know how to operate across borders, and I believe they are well placed to provide this service to people who have taken out mortgages in Spain, especially foreign borrowers. They are grouping clients by lender, which gives them more weight in negotiations with banks, and I am helping them reach potential clients.

Working with me they already have many people preparing to take action, which strengthens their negotiating position with lenders. They offer a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as no-win-no-fee, so they don’t get paid unless their clients get a refund. For the sake of transparency, I should explain that they pay me as a marketing consultant based on results obtained, so I hope their clients win the biggest claim possible! Find out with a free, no-obligation evaluation if you have a claim to make. Fill in the form below to send your enquiry to Del Canto Chambers, and they will get back to you to get the ball rolling on your fee evaluation. Del Canto Chambers also offer standard legal fees as well as no-win-no-fee, so you can choose what suits you best.

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