What to do if things go wrong with your lawyer

If you have doubts about your Spanish lawyer you have the right to change to another lawyer at any time.

To do this you should send a letter or fax informing your lawyer of your decision, and giving instructions to pass your file to your new lawyer by a certain date. If your instructions are ignored you should send an ultimatum threatening to complain to the local lawyers association, which will be a branch of the Spanish law society (colegio de abogados), and then do so in the last resort. If you have proof of malpractice you could also consider complaining to the local consumer office run by the government to protect consumer rights (Instituto Nacional de Consumo). There are also several privately run consumer organisations that you can approach for help.

If you change lawyers during the purchase you only have to pay for work provided up to that date. It is difficult to measure the work done and most likely you will just have to settle for not making any further payments.

To end on a positive note the good news is that with the right lawyer the risks you run are certainly no greater than when buying in the UK, or any other developed country.