Lawyers in Spain

spanish lawyers in spainWhen buying real estate in Spain, which is typically a substantial investment where risk-avoidance is paramount, you are strongly advised to find an independent lawyer qualified to practise in Spain, and who you know is working exclusively for you, with no conflict of interest. NEVER, EVER, EVER, use a lawyer introduced by your agent or developer, for obvious reasons of conflict of interest.

To find a lawyer / solicitor / attorney qualified to practise law in Spain and offer you a service in English or other languages please search the Spanish lawyers section of the business and service directory, when you can search Spanish legal firms by type of service and location.

You can also find more information to help you understand how lawyers operate in Spain using the links below.

Take care when it comes to choosing your legal help in Spain. Just like anywhere some professionals are better than others, and the legal  help you get in Spain can make a big difference to the way things go for you.