Spanish ‘House Price Index Tracker’ by SPI

spain's house price index tracker by spanish property insight

The spanish property market is hampered by a confusing jumble of official house price figures and conflicting indices that do little to illuminate the state of the market. This ‘House Price Index Tracker’ – the first of its kind – prepared by Spanish Property Insight (SPI), should make it easier to see the bigger picture by putting them all on one page.

The SPI ‘House Price Index Tracker’ brings together all the latest house prices indices and data from the most important sources onto one graph showing how they evolve over time.

It makes it easier to look beyond the confusing headlines generated every time a new index is published, and see the bigger picture to be found within all the relevant house price data.

Every time a new spanish property index is published, the SPI House Price Index Tracker is updated and reported here:

The SPI House Price Index Tracker includes figures from:

  • The Housing Department, part of the Ministry of Public Works (Fomento), based on appraisals
  • The National Institute of Statistics (INE), based on transactions
  • The General Council of Notaries, based on transactions
  • The Registrars of Spain (, based on transactions
  • The appraisal company Tinsa, based on its own valuations
  • The property portal, based on asking prices listed in its database
  • The property portal, based on asking prices listed in its database

By reporting the latest house price figures in the context of a bigger picture, we hope to avoid the confusing signals often broadcast in the local and international headlines about the Spanish property market.

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