‘How to Sell Your Property in Spain (Even in a Recession)’ by Felix Joseph

Do you need to sell your property in Spain, even if the market is going down? Are you not getting any results from estate agents? This book will help you take control of the situation, understand the property sales process in Spain, and do everything you can to sell your property at the best price in the shortest period of time.

Estate agents are going to hate me for writing this book. They will hate me because this book teaches you how to sell your property in Spain (or anywhere else for that matter), even in an economic recession.

This is not a for sale by owner (FSBO) book because that by itself does not always work. This book shares with you a two-pronged system of how to use all of the resources available to you, for sale by owner, selling with a local estate agent, and using the MLS system, to find the most effective way to get your property sold as quickly as possible and for the maximum price.

I have made it my focus not to fill this book with chapters of useless oratory. This book is small because it gets the point and teaches you what you need to know, what you need to do, and then helps you to get it done so that you can achieve your ultimate aim which is getting your property sold. Even if the economy is in recession, even if the market is down, even with an oversupply of properties and too little demand, even if you are in negative equity. Whatever the economic situation or your personal circumstances this book will help you to get your property sold.

In this book, we go through every aspect of a property sale from assessing if selling is right for you, traditional and digital marketing for property, working with estate agents, how to game the system to get estate agents to work for you for a lower commission as well as all of the usual FSBO (for sale by owner) strategies, property sales and negotiation, inside tricks, tips and knowledge as well as the scams to avoid.

This book is focused on people selling their properties in Spain because that is where I am based and the market I know the best, but having helped my clients built multi-million-pound portfolios buying and selling properties in the UK and other parts of Europe such as Cyprus, Crete and Portugal, this book and the principles in it once applied can be used to sell properties, anywhere in the world and in any recession.

So what are you waiting for, get reading, get working and get your property sold.

I wish you every success

Note that this ebook is available in digital form only (downloadable pdf).

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About the author

Felix Joseph

Felix Joseph, author of this guide to selling property in Spain, even in a recession.

Felix Joseph has been in the property business for 20 years building a multi-million-pound property portfolio and selling properties in the UK, Cyprus, Portugal and of course Spain along the way.

Working mainly for investors he has bought and sold hundreds of properties throughout his career.

Felix is the author of the Amazon No1 selling books…

‘How to buy a property in Spain, (El Pequeno)’ & ‘How to Sell Your Property in Spain’ (Even in a Recession)

Felix is the head of The PUOR Group of companies which include a Spanish Property Investment Platform, a Spanish Property Consultancy, a Spanish Mortgage Brokerage, a Business Consultancy, a Training and Mentoring Academy and a Digital Marketing business.

He is currently working with International Investors via his Joint Venture Investor programs and his Million Euro Portfolio Builder Service which specialises in helping investors build property portfolios of up to one million euros from the best of specially selected deals across Europe.