Re: you can also see it different


You can also see it the other way round 😆

No british owner who wants to sell has a big problem with price reductions to get back his initial invested GBP´s .

Practical example (I´m looking to by) from december 2009:

Villa price shown on nota simple 435.000 Euro (2004)
Asking price 340.000 Euro (2010)
Thus a big price reduction ❓

This means in GBP
435 k euros in 2004 equals to 305k GBP that had to be invested.
340 k euros in 2010 equals to 301k GBP today.

So the british seller is more or less getting his investment back and the buyer from a euro country thinks he got a fair price reduction.

So everyone should be happy – 8)

But of course there is no real price reduction on the property taking place
so where are the 20-30 percent reductions ?