Re: Wow



Well I dared to post on the PW forum once or twice:

Dared even to post some negative comments and got the nick name “Neg Kev” but that was as personal as it got. Some of the PW peeps thought I should not be allowed to post because I was not an owner (just somebody who nearly bought but escaped).

Must admit though that despite all the negative posts I made (even though I thought they were balanced and factual) I never got some of the vitriol that seems to be flying about here. The PW fanbois are certainly out in force. I would suggest if you are fed up with PW fanbois clogging up this forum, then go over to their forum and do the same.

Now back to the original post.

Johnm, why are you thinking of buying? If it is for lifestyle, then what ever floats your boat. If it is for investment, stick the money in the Building Society and rent. Do not believe any BS from agents about rental potential or capital growth.