Re: Where to buy


Hi Tim
A short time ago another forum member asked if anyone could recommend really good developments on the CDS. I am copying my reply below and hope it will be of some use to you. We love the Elviria area as it is quiet, family friendly, only 30 mins. from Malaga airport but very green and peaceful compared to other parts of the CDS (yet a short drive – 10k- into Marbella).
Hope you will be happy wherever you decide to buy.
best wishes

“Can highly recommend Elviria area in east Marbella. Very nice developments are Hacienda Elviria, Elviria Hills and Hacienda Playa (same builder as HE but more expensive due to location right on beach). These are very good quality, spacious well finished apartments. We have rented the same apartment in Hacienda Elviria a number of times over the last few years and love the development and the area. (We had a deposit on an off plan in Elviria which is not going ahead – a very long story covered in much detail elswhere in this forum!) If we go ahead and purchase now we have narrowed our choice down to the three above. There are a number of apartments for sale in each of the developments but the prices advertised include a very hefty sellers commission and some have been for sale for a considerable length of time, so if you can find one with a ‘Se vende’ sign on it and contact the seller directly that is the best way. We have heard of apartments going for 30-50k less than advertised officially. The agency we rent the apartment from deals only with a relatively small number of very high quality apartments in these and a number of other developments around Elviria. It is a very good idea to ‘try before you buy’ so if you are interested in staying in any of these developments or want to have a look at what they are like send me a PM and I will direct you to the rental agency we use. According to them there is a good demand for rentals in the 3 developments I’ve mentioned during the summer (and from observation this appears to be true for the well located apartments within each development) but I would caution not to be reliant on significant rental income no matter where you buy on the CDS as there is a huge supply of apartments for rent everywhere. Hope this is of some use. We have been up and down the coast and always come back to Elviria.”