Re: well it looked good for a while!!!!!


hello again, i really didnt think i would be back but i am, why well my mum is once again in spain, we thought this would be the last time, silly us… she was supposed to go to spain to get everything finalised, get all the signatures from the sellers visit the notary etc so that she could come home put the house on the market and move on with her life… it didnt work out quite as she had hoped, now my mum bless her is 60 years old, deaf in one ear and has osteoarthritis, her legs dont work very well, she used to be a strong woman but has lost alot of her confidence and really didnt want to go back to spain to sort this but my dad is working away so she had no choice, anyway to cut a long story short, her solicitor phoned yesterday and they arranged to meet at the notarys office, she got very excited at the thought it might all be over soon.. but no… when she arrived there were all the people who owned the house previously, the solicitor, etc andd my mum who has tried very hard to leatn spanish and can speak it quite well but finds it difficult to understand at the speed most people speak, anyway she got very frustrated as they were all chatting away quite happily, but forgetting that she could not understand and they did not want to give her any help, yes she should have had an interpreter but maybe she thought that considering her solicitor can speak english he would let her know what was being said, well at half past two this afternoon she phoned me in tears, didnt know what was going on, she had basically been ignored by them all, i cannot bear this much more it is killing my mum, i want to be with her but cant as i have three kids to take care of here in england, my question to everyone is, does anyone know of any interpreters in the granada area that could go with my mum to any more meetings and tell her what is going on…. if so please let me know, she needs someone who has a heart, and can translate spanish to english, any help as always would be gratefully appreciated. thanks for listening, sorry for going on!!!!!