I am a bit confused about all this.
We completed in 2005 . Prior to completion we were told that no one could enter the apartment, I contacted the Lawyer because we had the furniture company wanting to measure for curtains etc.
I received an email which mentioned we did not have the Habitation Licence but this was because Marbella Town Hall were slow and behind!
As this information was from a Lawyer and we were still being allowed to complete we did so as we had no reason to be suspicious after all he was the Lawyer.
Of course in 2006 we still had no Licence in paper form, and found out that we were on an illegal build BUT from day one we have had utilility bills in my husband’s name for both water and electricity.

I read up on this and found out for the Utility Companies to connect they had to see the Habitation Licence, so I contacted them to ask if a licence for our property had been made available to them-that was over a year ago and I have had no response.

All we got from from our Lawyer when we found out that we were on an illegal build was that we had been given the licence by Administrative Silence. We met with the deveolper’s staff and were given a copy of the developers application for the licence with dates ranging over three months, as the Council did not either object or confirm it was practice to be granted the licence. The developer therefore said we were legal.

Now I know that due to all the corruption etc which erupted this historic Administrative Silence flew out the window, but where did the Utility Companies stand in this. Were they or were they not supposed to see a proper paper licence, and how did we manage to get connected in our own name when others have not? Some more brown envelopes!!

There seems to be an answer for everything, the good news is we are now legal on the PGOU the bad news is that it is taking so bloody long for them to give us the paperwork, the Junta still have to look at everything and now rumour is it will be Summer 2009-three years since all this mess started. 😡