Re: Viewing Property




Can see I have set the cat amongst the pigeons! My remark this morning that people should not leave their common sense at the check-out desk was not PERSONAL to anyone on this forum. However, the simple fact is that many people do get swept along by the excitement of buying abroad. I have worked in property all my life and have experience of restoring houses in France and Spain, so have come across most situations.

However, if the whole system is working against your interests -agent,lawyerand developer- you would need to have acutely developed senses of self preservation to prevent yourself being conned. Very few of us are that finely tuned so I can well understand the rage of those who have fallen foul of the unacceptable business practices of those in the real estate game on the CDS, and elsewhere in Spain/Bulgaria etc..

When I worked as a chartered surveyor we ADVISED our clients. Sometimes the advice was “DONT BUY”.One of the biggest problems for people buying overseas is the lack of independent advice. Everyone wants to sell. This forum has been a godsend for many but just think of the thousands of people who are unaware of this type of on-line community.