Re: trying to sell prior to completion


I have posted messages to this site last year telling of my attempts to sell my off-plan property. We are now 2 years down the line and still not able to sell. I have been registered with Investor Partners now for over a year and they have been unable to sell the property. Even if they do it will mean very little profit for us and a nice little buy for someone else. The property is due for completion in December so we are now coming to terms with the fact that we will have to complete on the apartment and then rent it out – if that is possible!! I had a look today on the web site of the estate agent who sold us the property and who promised that “it just doesn’t happen” that off-plan properties don’t sell, they are now advising all investors to buy now because there are cheap off-plan properties up for grabs!! Why is it never the estate agents who lose out!