Re: Trees and chocolates


Well said Goodstich, excellent! I don’t quite see what Mark sees in Tree building constructive posts, and yes we should continue to point out the negative in Spain’s corrupt, inept, greedy, unregulated residential property industry to keep warning those who could be duped. Another point, do these websites generate income for their hosts through property deals, because if so, this has probably fallen right off? 😉

I really couldn’t understand what Tree was on about when he replied to one of my posts but it made me laugh as it was poorly constructed and mentioned a lot of things that I had no issue with!

Regarding Alan Thornton, maybe he has a vested interest in property in Spain, maybe not, but he’s had time to have built his house in Salobrena by now, maybe there’s not much to do there apart from criticize those trying to get Spain to clean up it’s image.