Re: Times article


All i can say is that here on the Costa Daurada and its hinterlands it is business as usual. The building boom in L’ampolla, Hospitalet and Sant Carlos de la Rapita continues just the same as in Mora d’Ebre, Mora la Nova et al.
Okay, the dodgy properties don’t shift the same as they did before which can only be a good thing. But there are still people coming over from the UK and just buy. Also, there are a lot of Spanish people from Barcelona and Madrid buying here as the weather is much better than on the Costa Brava and the prices are still that little bit lower than up North. The landgrab on the Costa Blanca has also shifted interest to the Costa Daurada. Two of the trustworthy estate agents we know here are so busy, they hardly find the time to return our phone calls or go and view new property to take onto their books…….