Re: The Taylors Problem


Hello. I am one half of the Taylors. One half of the family that ‘left their brains on the plane.’
I only wish I had seen this post before. I hope UBEDA is still around to read this.
Yes, it really did happen us. No one made this story up.
We had a Spanish estate agent.
We had a Spanish lawyer. And by the way we had used the same Spanish lawyer to previously purchase another property in Spain. Stupidly, we put our faith in them. We thought that is what people paid lawyers for – to safe guard them against any problems. How stupid we were. Not only that, but we paid a hefty sum for their ‘services.’
We spent every penny of our savings to buy the property, plus a lot more.
We had never heard of the ‘Ley de Costas.’ A Spanish architect, whom we hoped would renovate the house found out when he was doing the plans.
We paid tax to the Spanish government for a house that we don’t even seem to own. I can sort of understand why it beggars belief.
We have employed (at even more expense) a Notary Public. He is trying (without success so far) to find a Spanish lawyer who would be willing to litigate against our Spanish lawyer. So far we have discovered that Spanish lawyers have a code that says they won’t litigate against another Spanish lawyer.
I can see, to the uninitiated that it seems simple. it is far from simple UBEDA.
One dream completely and entirely shattered. Faith in humanity destroyed.
I can’t and I won’t give up. It is killing us but I have to get justice. Believe me though – it is far from easy!