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Hi Jock,

Sounds like you’ve already seen my post re. the long-term (if not then: )

Yes this is the one I was referring to thanks

The market has suffered from greed and exploitation in recent years, but the Andalusian government is clamping down hard, and hopefully this will ensure a better future. The regional government in Seville has a new plan to deprive municipal authorities of planning powers if they abuse them – great news.

Great news indeed

Many thoughtful people also agree that the coast needs a bit of a shakedown to put the spivs out of business and leave the market to professionals who are prepared to work hard and offer value.

I am shure a ‘shakedown’ would be good news for the longer term 🙂

But always go about the purchase in the correct fashion. See the rest of the site for more information on this, and keep checking back as I will be adding much more information over the next few months.

Look forward to that, many thanks for the gen so far (you should get double time for working Sundays ❗ )


Thanks for the advice guys, I have truly got the message about selecting a lawyer, I think I will try the smaller Spanish Estate Agents, provided they speak some English (my Spanish is not up to technical speak) :?. The recent press in UK has made me very suspicious of the larger UK owned set-ups.

Once again many thanks Mark, you have worked very hard on this Forum, and it is appreciated.