Re: thanks for the support……



Hi DrakAN,

I accept your apology. What happened to the info I sent you? Have you binned it?

To those of you who have shown support I would like to thank you too.

To the person who mentioned that I was having a tantrum I can’t agree I just put forward the facts of my issue hoping for genuine advice and a modicum of civility. No more no less. Also I believe people should be respectful of one another. Treat people as you would like to be treated.

After viewing the forum as Mark suggested I do I decided to continue taking an interest in the various issues to hand. It goes without saying that there are some very good pieces of information flying around. I think that everyone experiencing difficulties should get moral support. The forum should benefit all of us in one way or another so long as we are gracious in our dealings towards each other.

So once again my thanks to those of you who have shown kindness and fairness.