Re: Thank you for your prompt replies + A question


Dear Itsme and El Anciano,

I appreciate your prompt answers.

If you do not mind, I have a couple of extra questions, please:

– Can one open a bank a/c without NIE?

– If I have a EUR account with a relatively big French bank, and in addition, being a member of cooperative society (having Société Générale Bank & Trust, Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank, AMRO etc as correspondent banks) allowing me to to draw cheques, do I really need to open an a/c with a Spanish bank BEFORE I buy?
Could a lack of a Spanish a/c prevent me from completing?
The reason of hesitancy to open an a/c in Spain BEFORE actually buying is to avoid creating a false impression with the Spanish authorities that I could be subject to taxes there, while I am not before I buy.
It is understood, that once I buy a property, I’ll definitely have a Spanish a/c.

Thank you for your understanding.