Re: Thank you


Hi Inez,

thank you for your advice, I think you are right in what you say I should do my best to offer what I can, which this week I have done, I managed to pay off nearly 400 euros this week leaving the balance a 245 e, and still the head office are pestering me. The bank manager says one thing then the head office another. The bank manager seems relatively relaxed at my offer, however the head office call everyday and today I have told them to leave me alone and talk to the branch. If I had a a spare 245 e believe me I would pay them back immediately but if I do that then me and my 10 year old will not eat so I seem caught between a rock and hard place. Up to now I have covered every mortgage payment and covered all my other priority debts, electric, water, food etc. If you have anymore advice then believe me it would be appreciated.

Thanks again for all your help