Re: subject


“I have no plans to ditch or marry her just yet and we are very happy”

What does this mean ???. Does this death until…….. ? What plans she has about you is also to be considered.

“I have three 20 something children from my first wife”.

As they are adults & from your forst wife. I believe they have certain rights under Spanish law.

Should I even take out a mortgage even if I dont need one?

Borrowing will help you reduce your wealth Tax, borrow with what you feel comfortable. EU interest rates should be down in the near future so it would be a missed opportunity to not to raise cheap money. Besides as the exchange rate £/€ is now very good & you are presumably buying with £ converted its better to borrow and ensure that the mortgage terms allows you early part/full payment when the exchange rates get better.

“These are questions I have asked my Lawyers but would appreciate a ‘been there and don it’ response also”.

I have not bought with a partner but depending on the level of commitment to each other it would be advisable if something happens to one of you.

Finally, all seams to be OK with your relationship now. Living in Spain brings other types of stresses on a relationship with people do not anticipate, as the sun is shinning.

Guess they are all tax type questions