Re: subject


I have bought a few properties in Spain & assisted my friends in buying. I have never used a lawyer in buying or selling. For reasons

1) I don’t have confidence in their integrity. ( I do have Spanish lawyer friends & they agree)

2) Lack of colegio de abagados to act.

3) The fees that they charge is totally out of proportion to work involved.

4) In cases they only make things difficult.

5) Lack of communication on their part, irrespective of how stressful the customer feels.

6) Will not trust them to forward them with the completion money, client account or not.

7) Demanding fee upfront when the property is not going to be ready for say 24 months.

8) The developers have a standard contract for all its buyers. The lawyers acting for you cannot get the contract clauses changed for a buyer.

I can go, but I wont.