Re: subject


“what I think though that there will be a new generation but what Values will they have is the question?”

I know many from the current generation & also know very well that they were given the right up bringing, with high morals, integrity etc, as in most cases I know their parents & families and they would not have brought up their families any other way.

“If they are moral decent people who are honourable and trustworthy then they will be on the right path and there will be hope for the future.”

The problem is that like everywhere, they see things which they know are wrong. If they cant beat the system then they join it. Morals don’t pay mortgages, keeping up with the Jones, computer games for children etc. Society/laws manage & control this.
If the legal system does not work. Where does the fair society go ???

“On the other hand if they are anything like their predecessors and are motivated by greed”

I believe greed is good it keeps people motivated, again like everything in life greed has to be managed.

” and have no conscience or no concept of right or wrong”
In today’s time, who can say what is right or wrong. conscience is a flickering candle it has to be revived by society from time to time.

then it will continue to be a downward spiral for Spain and the Spanish economy and people. Lets just hope that it is the former.