Re: subject



Mark I couldn’t agree more about your mention that it appears to be the agent who wins all the time because od his ‘fat’ commission.

I’ve said it before, property bought in Spain has to rise enormously to return a reasonable profit to the client simply because of the agent often sticking 7.5% to the price. He’s already taken 10% + when he sold it off-plan, then add your 11% completion costs and any property taxes afterwards, then he has the cheek to say the property has risen 25-40% in a year, meanwhile the client makes ‘nothing’ or worse still, cannot sell even for a discount.


Because the same agent is now ‘pushing’ new builds off-plan again and couldn’t care less about his clients.

Property boom built mainly on lies and ex-timeshare sales people chasing a fast buck, then moving on. Take Awful Estates for example!