Re: subject



Mark: sorry to hear your door being stolen. Indeed it must have been part and parcel of the character of the building. While not justifying. what is the saying one mans rubbish is another mans …………………………..

Sorry,to depress you further. We are not heading. We are already there. Obviously every society has it causes & reasons. I see a few things common.

1) The haves & have not’s As a child I was always told if I need something in life I need to work towards achieving it. I was fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity, not only by way of education by my family further by the system, the society had a provided. A system which was established with sincerity and with a vision for a fair society and not with political spin for short term personal goals.

2) Lack of respect/fear of elders & authority.

3) Lack of effective policing. My car was stolen from my under ground car park. A duplicate key was made after presentation of false documents. When, I spoke to the police the first question was was there a CCTV, As there was not one, they the police were not interested. I did remind that them that Sherlock Holmes did not have the benefit of a CCTV and besides the camera could be covered or cables snapped off. I asked the police that did they contact the new registered keeper on the false documents. They said yes they did and the letter was returned marked “gone away”. I even suggested the person who could be involved in it. they were not interested.

4) Public figures not setting an example. Without naming them, these are people who are well established in UK or Spain.

Sorry if this is turning into rant.