Re: subject



Sadly people will scoop to what ever level it takes. This has nothing to do with Spain, USA, UK etc, etc.

In order to control it. The Government has to introduce timely, effective controls and its there implimantations. The guardians of this control have to be accountable they should be men/women of the highest honour. Lack of it gives a country a bad name and the systems perpetuates itself and as a result creating all kinds of problems and not only in the economy.

I am afraid Spanish company/management have created this reputation in a very short space of time. In UK, Abbey the Bank was taken over by Santander group is known as Shabby, BAA the same situation, very senior people at the top management have left. There is talk about the breakup of BAA, Ferrovial was contracted to do”Warsaw” airport, this has been taken out of their hands and given to a German Company to see it through. If you read any of the forums on Morocco, you will not miss the hands of Spanish management there as well.

Here you have enough to prepare for a Phd.