Re: subject


JohnM: Sorry to hear that you will one of the next victim of the eroding manufacturing sector. Before I go any further remember all that glitter is not gold and this hold very true in the sales & marketing.

” criticism that I don’t really see or hear in the UK”

Now you don’t expect such a subject to be taken up at your local pub. People in UK are very insular and prefer to remain this way as far as they have their mortgage paid, season ticket of their football club and money to go down the pub.

A few years ago I read that 11 out 15 people could not point out London on the Atlas & these people were Londoners. So, I do not see they would know much about PW or any other world, apart from their own world.

Of course their are thousands of people for whom things went well in Spain and you will not hear of them which is a pitty as this will give a balance view.

Sadly, the heart breaking stories of many are for all to see on the forum. I hope that they will all have an happy ending.

Finally, I would not start a business in Spain. The Country does not have commercial ethos, Taxes and social security and Banks will cream of your capital if they don’t than manana will.