Re: subject


“It’s just that so many of them are incompetent that one wonders sometimes what the point is, if afterwards you find out that things weren’t done properly after all”.

This is my argument not only that they the lawyers screw it up for you. You have to pay them for it as well. This can only happen in Spain.

I will certainly not use a lawyer for selling as the buyer be aware should apply. Once you get the payment the notary has taken the capital gains Tax ( assuming that you are a non resident ) its not your problem as debts etc if any on the property will pass to the new owner.

Just ensure that the Bank draft is not stolen/forged. If I was you I should go to the Bank/Branch to ensure that the bankers draft is made at the branch so you know that the draft is kosher.

At this stage you should worry about your Bank not trying to rip you off with bank charges for cashing your sale proceed and being taken for a ride by the lawyer should not be the issue