Re: subject


” I do not think that public “naming & shaming “

It, should happen if a sincere cleaning up is expected. I am also sure that naming and shaming will not deter these lawyers. If they have any decency or they are honest they will not find themselves in the first place. By naming & shaming there will be people who will aware of them and will not use them.

“I know for a fact that the senior partner was suspended for a period of time by the Collegio de Abogados. He ignored “

This is what I mean by impotent. The fact that he did not turn up without a good reason, should be construed as his guilt and he should have been struck off once the facts were established.

Advising the Courts means that when a struck off lawyer next time turns up at a Court. It should be treated as fraud/criminal offence and the case should not be heard until the client finds another lawyer.

The client should be compensated for the up front fee that had been paid to such a lawyer. The compensation should be paid out from the legal Insurance and this in turn means that no future policy should be issued to him or his firm