Re: subject


mg : No I am not suggesting what you say at all. Whether its Mr Black, (who in my opinion got away with a much lighter sentence/fine) only because he had a very good legal team. The same can be said about OJ Simpon, or Michael Jackson to mention the high profile cases.

The lawyers job is to find a procedural/legal solution to the situation his/her clients find themselves in. This distinguishes a good lawyer from not a good one and by all means he/she can charge a higher fees. Sadly we live in a world where you get what you pay for.

We all can pass our exams and frame our certificates. The client is not
interested in the certificate. He/She wants to know what the lawyer can do for the client.

As, you may be aware that under consumer credit act, payments made by a credit card for goods/services, if turns out to be faulty etc. The consumer is fully refunded by the credit card company. I understand that this protection has been extended to EU, as you can understand credit card companies are not making a publicity of this.

A lawyer could suggest that payment for deposit of €3 or €6k could be made by this method.