Re: subject



I was not trying to advise anything to Natalie as I a not qualified to do. As her husband is not well and going down the route would be more stressful.

In so far as the brown envelopes are concerned, it is a term I am using on the forum as it fimiliar to the forum users. You can call it bung, kickback, commission etc. As I stated it is not easy to prove until a political or other scandel takes place. The people involved in it are well aware of the game and will cover each other. Besides it does not have to be in cash, it can be holidays, beauty/pampering for the Mrs at the Spa, paying so called donations to the schools for admission etc.

A recent such an example was Mr Presscot having holidays in Texas and receiving a cowboy gear ( What a sight ) than spending three weeks in Carribian. This is an example where on the face of it no brown envelopes have changed hands and to the best of my knowledge the payment was not made by the Hull Council.

Whilst talking about Hull the next door MP from Hartlepool Mr Mendelson being given a mortgage by a leading building society. He had resigned twice.

Sadly, we have to accept that these things happen. We may not be able to prove it. The level of suspecion is raised when the rules/guidelines clearly set by the council perhaps influenced by the central government is blatantly ignored.