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mg: A few years ago I bought a flat which had a council recycling tip (dry) next to it. The flat was on the South side of the river Thames & Chelsea.

I took a calulated view of the existence of a tip. As land on the river bank in S.W. London is serious money. The said plot of land could be in excess of £70million.

The council has around 15 year lease on the land. My view was that at some stage the tip will go. Others owners did not share my vision and we as residents had every possible test done, noise, pollution, traffic, air quality, infact the tip is nearer to our block than legally allowed to justify shiting it (There are EU grants avaible for recycling etc) .

We even had a labour minister Peter Hain living in the block ( would not get involved) The Council did everything to frustrate us, their own rules, regulations etc where thrown at them but they were ignored by the Council. We even had a Barister advising us.

Personally, It did not affect me as I also knew that the building used as a tip is a listed building. My suspecion is that some brown envelopes had been passed to get the planning permission. I ofcourse cant prove it.

The reason I am stating the above is that the authorities will let you beleive about your rights to make you feel good about them. They themselves will breach them. Yes as I said money talks and if your husband is unwell it does not make sence for you and your husband to be stressed out.