Re: Subject


I saw the programme Claire, the worrying thing is that it apparently involves 1000s of illegally built properties on the C del Sol and C Blanca.

Same old story of the triangle of deceit between the Estate Agent mis-selling fraudulently in the 1st place, introducing his recommended ‘dodgy’ lawyer and of course the ‘crooked’ developers building properties on rustic land illegally. Add to that the questionable town councils and police force, plus relevant Government bodies only deciding to bulldoze the properties after they have been bought and occupied.

Makes you wonder why they don’t bulldoze them during the course of construction to stop the problem happening in the 1st place. It makes you weep when everyone involved then blames the poor purchasers for not doing their homework properly, the same purchasers who expect the agent to have told the truth, and their lawyer to have acted dilligently for them and not the crooks.

Property fraud is rife in Spain full-stop, far more so than in the UK where these scenes would not be repeated. What’s being done to stop it, well b—-r all, far too much money involved to rock the boat, the sooner they start prosecuting and jailing the crooks, the better?