Re: subject


Alex, you are quite right about that Awful agent saying how easy it would be to re-sell, except they said it would take no longer than 12-15 months, the sales girl and her manager vitually guaranteed it, they even stupidly sent a letter putting in writing that 94% of all investor properties are re-sold prior to completion, whereas some people who used to work for them and now in agency work themselves said the figure was 17-20% and most of those belonged to their staff, not investors.

There were many grounds but it was hard work and I was prepared to go the distance in exposing their tactics, it also helped that Hayley Nieves who worked for them opened their ‘can of worms’. Check my earlier posting which refers to this company ‘new purchasers should read the links about this company’.

Also check my posting called ‘confession’ it’s about White Whale and there is also a story on this in one of the links above.

If you can cancel legally, which I assume you can then I strongly recommend you do, the market is flooded with 2 bed apartments anyway without all the additional problems. Maybe Drakan could give some advice, but he’s been very busy helping lots of people and the thing is to remember his help if you manage to get out, he seems a good man.