Re: subject


Kate, Paddy, Knock on,
We all agree on that Spain needs some serious surgery. As a business to take over, You will not do so as part of all large take overs are done with political backing. This you will not get. The right and left of the political spectrum will remains dogmatic.

Yes, The Sheikh in Dubai had the Wisdom to diverse, As we all know nothing in life remains the same. Give the Sheikh the credit. However the Spaniards seams to lack this vision. (I recall in 1992 at the Expo in Seville, I had asked my Spanish friends what will happen to the site, infrastructure, etc after the Expo that was to last for six months. The answers from all sectors of the society was the same. We dont know.) The result is even today the place is deserted. The authorities could not plan further then six months.

As regards to the despots. I am going to be very blunt here. The despots are there because the West wants them. Like the Shah of Iran, Sadam, The Saudi/Kuwaite Royal family ( The late Sheikh Zahid of Abu Dhabi, killed his brother wth help of the British, only because his late brother was not investing the Oil revenue in the West)

Further, I can stick my neck out here. No terrorist will ever attack Dubai, in the foreseable future. You only have to travel in the Islamic world and speak to people in the street and you will get the answer