Re: subject


“The notarios certificate the sell and buy contract of rural land,…they use to read the contract before it is signed,…and I believe that the persons involved buyer and seller knew what they were dealing with….Rural land as in the papers appear to be. “

Sorry, a professional person and sadly I have to include a Notary in this category, cannot rely on assumption. Further more in the Towns/Cities there are handful of Notaries. They should be well aware of the state of various developments. As a professional they have to be upto date with all matters as it affects their profession.

I cannot beleive that a Notary deals with a developments that has say hundreds of properties & that is being constructed over a number of years is so oblivious that he does not know the legality of a particular development. This to me is negligence & incompetence.

If, I was a Notary. I would make sure that as soon as a new promotion is launched. I would obtain all the information including people involved & their track record. As I will expect at some stage I will be Notarising there sale. This is the least I can do for the money they I will extract from people for doing nothing apaert from looking at people passport/ID cards.

For all Spanish readers please do not tell me that they have to study very hard & takes exams etc. That is their choice of profession. I have more respect for a poorly paid nurse in a Hospital.