Re: subject


Listening to the Radio 4 programme sounds a bit of a nightmare for Spain and retired Brits.

What was particularly interesting was the commentary on ‘how the crooked agents dupe people into buying by showing them ‘off-puts’ first on a Friday afternoon before showing an affordable property, but sign here this afternoon, we have a lawyer ready’ then catch your flight by which time it’s often too late to withdraw, typical Agent scam in Spain.

The programme then fingered the involvement with leading UK property agents who generated business for the crooked agents in Spain. I did point out to Your Move once the Press coverage of Ocean Estates’ mis-selling and Your Move to their credit dropped them immediately.

Spain is still not doing enough to regulate this industry nor speed their Court procedure.

It was also said how much Spain’s tourism industry has fallen this year alone, further adding to it’s economic woes. A tourism crash!